Dear Potential Customer,

We started TAF Staffing Co. because we had a vision of a new type of company – a company that would be responsive to its customers’ needs; a company that was:

  • Flexible
  • Efficient, and
  • Excellent

A company that could and would offer the best of everything to its customers:

  • Excellent value
  • The highest quality service
  • Groundbreaking concepts
  • Quick turn-around time

At TAF Staffing Co., we are different.

What makes us different? In staffing and recruitment, the only difference is how the process starts and how it in time, concludes to your best outcomes.

We build a relationship that must be in your best interest- Regular site visits and our knowledge of your company must be an integral part of developing the strongest communication/relationship possible.

We are a focused or targeted company. We have developed our own proprietary database. It’s yours and we provide its strength to our customers without limitations. What we can assure is expertise in candidate selection backed by decades of professional experience. This accompanied by the best customer service we can provide, will meet your business goals.

Our position is based on human reality. There is no doctoral degree in locating candidates. It is a science and an art. Anyone can post ads and hire. It’s an expensive, sometimes debilitating process. We understand that your time is your biggest asset. We hire to ensure your product and services are met with the very best expectation. Simple bad hiring judgments set people back in ways we often fail to understand. We have built this company to limit, if not eliminate your risk.

Key points we hear from company decision makers:

  • “Do you really know what we do and how we do it?”
  • “Do you understand our corporate culture?”
  • “I’m tired of sales pitches that mean nothing once the contract is signed.”
  • “Besides answering an immediate personnel problem what does the longer term promise?”
  • “Answering the phone is not good enough; I need your absolute commitment and investment.”

Our investment is yours. Short fly-by-night solutions result in short fly-by-night careers. Being here for you is the only interest we have. Our position is to develop your business. And in so doing, we develop ours.


Abi Alidina

Abi Alidina
TAF Staffing Co.

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